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ASAP Energy Survey Results

ASAP conducted an energy survey of over 2,000 Nassau County, New York residences (door-to-door, convenience sample), conducted from Spring 2010 to Fall 2011.

Conclusions: The general impression is that respondents believe the U.S. has large oil resources but is not producing them. Over 90% of respondents have not thought seriously about purchasing hybrid or electric vehicles. In other words, while people express dissatisfaction with $4/gallon gasoline, they do not express any sense of urgency.

Table. Survey Questions and Responses:

Q1. In your opinion, how big of a problem is U.S. dependence on foreign oil?
  Big Problem     Medium Problem     Small Problem     No Problem     Not Sure  

Q2. In your opinion, by how much should the U.S. reduce oil imports by 2020?
  More than 50%     50%     Less Than 50%     Not Sure  

Q3. In your opinion, does the U.S. have sufficient domestic oil resources to reduce oil imports by more than 50%?
  Yes     No     Not Sure  

Q4. In your opinion, will electric cars play an important role in reducing oil imports?
  Yes     No     Not Sure  

Q5. Which type of electric car do you think you would prefer?1
  Battery Electric     Fuel Cell Electric     Not Sure  

  Under 30     30-50     Over 50  

  Female     Male  

  1. Under the question Q5 was an explanatory note that stated there are concerns about battery cost, battery life, and battery recharging time on long trips for battery electric vehicles. For fuel cell vehicles the explanatory note stated that fuel cell vehicles require going to a filling station every 200-250 miles and filling up with hydrogen.